Kenya is a country full of stories. One of the aims of this walk is produce two books. Once We Were Lions will use the story of the walk as the backdrop to a book about contemporary Kenya, the Maasai, wildlife and the landscapes in which they all live.

The other book will be a coffee table photo book of portraits and reportage images taken both from this walk and my previous Kenyan trips.
Both books will be available in 2017. More details to come.

Speaking Tour

One of the most exciting projects coming out of this walk will be a 2017-18 European (UK and France) and Kenyan public speaking tour in schools, universities and other public venues where my walk companion, Josphat Mako, and I will discuss the walk, conservation in East Africa and the Maasai.
Details of venues and dates to come.
If you are interested in having us come and talk at your venue please contact us on